Davide Bigazzi Studio and Gallery is the retail gallery and working studio of Florentine jeweler, metalsmith, and instructor, Davide Bigazzi, renowned for his mastery of chasing & repousse’.


Studio Classes

Davide Bigazzi Studio offers a unique learning environment. Individuals seeking to gain skills in jewelry fabrication and/or the art of chasing and repoussé, have the opportunity to study with a Florentine master while working on projects that challenge and expand the imagination. Class size is a maximum of six students so that each student receives intensive, personalized instruction taking into account personal goals, skill level, and individual interests. 

Beginning students learn the fundamentals of jewelry fabrication, while advanced students improve technical skills. As a beginner you start off with the basic fabrication skills such as piercing, filing, soldering, stone setting, and finishing techniques. Through hands-on experience you will learn to use hand tools, torches, flex shafts, rolling mills, polishers, and more.


Immerse yourself in metal. Davide is renowned for his mastery of chasing & repousse' and enjoys sharing his extensive knowledge of this diverse and expressive technique.

Classes are ongoing, 3 hrs each, and available on a drop-in basis. Join us as your schedule & class availability permits:

  • Mondays: 6-9pm

  • Tuesdays: 9-12pm, 12-3pm, 3-6pm

  • Thursdays: 9-12pm, 12-3pm, 3-6pm

  • Saturdays: 10-1pm

In addition to weekly classes, six hour long classes called DaviDAY are also available on select Saturdays and Sundays. DaviDAY Dates: May 17 - May 18 - May 19

All classes are offered from September - June. 2019 Summer Break : June 21-August 26.

The cost of instruction ranges from $34-$37 per hour and is dependent upon how many classes you purchase at a time. Packages of 4 or 8 classes are available. If you have never taken a class with us before we recommend purchasing 1 class to begin with.

Materials (copper, silver, gold, etc.) are not included. Materials can be purchased from us or at www.riogrande.com . The material cost for a beginner project in silver may range from $10-$15.


To register, purchase, and schedule a class click the Book Now button below. From there you may select the Book option for a single class or the Buy Package option. Please note, to check class availability before purchasing a class package click on the Book button for the single class, then go back to the Buy Package option. Once you have purchased a package you can access the schedule and begin reserving your classes.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email or call us at the studio.   

email:  info@davidebigazzistudio.com  Tel: 650.323.1923

Davide Bigazzi Studio and Gallery

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Danielle G: I wish I had discovered Davide's studio and classes years ago! Now, it's the highlight of my week. Davide is remarkably personable and super attentive to everyone, regardless of the student's skill level. And yes, it helps that classes are limited to 6 people. With every new project I take on, I am challenged to learn something new, encouraged to be creative and make the design mine, rather than replicating a creation of another artist. And the beautiful and unique jewelry I end-up with, is the icing on the cake. 

Virginia H: I have been attending Davide's classes weekly for over 4 years. If I could add one more day a week I would. Davide is a fun, creative and patient instructor. My jewelry designer skills have definitely benefitted from his instruction.

James O: This class is absolutely first rate in all respects. Davide is a very careful craftsman and I have never approached him with a construction or design problem that he could not only solve but do so well and efficiently. He is an excellent teacher at both the beginner or advanced level. His small classes (5 students) are organized, are guided, as appropriate, and a lot of fun. That said, all of the students are serious and receive advice and direction from a true master goldsmith.