Davide Bigazzi Studio and Gallery is the retail gallery and working studio of Florentine jeweler, metalsmith, and instructor, Davide Bigazzi, renowned for his mastery of chasing & repousse’.


Located in a beautiful and historic garden oasis in Menlo Park, California, Davide Bigazzi Studio & Gallery is a unique space which evokes the feeling of a European atelier. Follow the tap, tap, tapping as you pass the olive trees and fountains outside. On the inside, hammers neatly line the wall and tools of the trade abound. Davide or his students may be working on their next one-of-a-kind creation.

Davide Bigazzi is a Florentine master gold and silversmith with over thirty years of experience. No need to go to Florence for your latest treasure. The gallery beautifully displays his latest collections of distinctive and finely crafted jewelry and hollowware available for purchase. Davide also creates custom jewelry pieces and can work with an existing family heirloom piece to create something new.

When he is not crafting fine jewelry for his collectors, Davide enjoys teaching weekly jewelry classes and monthly chasing and repoussé workshops.